Energie4 Training - Trial

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Energie4 Training - Trial

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Energie4 Training

Energie4 Training is semi private personal training. You get all the benefits of personal training, minus the cost. At Energie4 there are no membership fees, your only investment is in your own training. Not only do you get a personalised program but you have access to the highest quality coaches, with a huge amount of experience. This quality of coaches allow you to achieve your goals in the fastest possible time.

We specialise in all facets of training, rehabilitation, conditioning and nutrition. Your goals are our goals and we pride ourselves in supporting your goals. You get the personalisation that suits you, that comes from our many years of experience.

Finally, you get access to the best facility in Melbourne with all the equipment needed to take your body composition, rehabilitation, athletic dreams to the next level.

Can you afford not to come to Energie4?

Flexible Times:

Monday to Friday - 6am & 7am

Monday to Thursday - 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Friday - 5:30pm

Saturday - 8am

*Your 7 day pass allows you to do 2 sessions.