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Second Chances

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There are always opportunities to restart something you may of started but not quite finished.

Yes it is cold outside now, but it won't be to long to the sun starts coming out and you will want to be in your best shape.  Often people beat themselves up for not taking advantage of their motivation and then they let it slip.  However, just because you didn't achieve it the first time, doesn't mean that you can't have another go.

However, it is never too late to get back into an exercise program and change your nutrition. Plus it is always best to start sooner rather then later. 

Although the exercise might hurt a little when you first start back, you will find your muscle memory will soon kick in and you will be training just like you hadn't had a break.  The best way to get back into it, is by doing an old program, rather then something new.  Even heading out for a big walk or short run will get you moving in the right direction.

When it comes to nutrition, making positive changes can be hard, but the body responds very quickly to better food choices.  You will find that your energy increases within days, which not only helps training drive but also your ability to make better food choices.

Once you have given yourself this second chance to get back into your healthy lifestyle, you will be very pleased with the changes in your body composition, your energy levels and how much more healthier you feel.  Getting started maybe be daunting but remember you just need to build it into your lifestyle and start slow.  There is no need to go back to 5-6 days of training straight off, work on your nutrition and add 3 days of training for the initial period.