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Festive Season Survival Guide

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Festive Season Survival Guide

Festive Season Survival Guide

The best thing of it all is that YOU have the chance to learn the hidden secrets of Hollywood Star’s, Olympic Legends. Dieter has used these exact techniques outlined in the Festive Season Survival Guide with all his high profile clients and every day people, from Mum’s and Dad’s to New York executives to retirees.

Want to have a few drinks over the Festive silly season that’s fine because Dieter has put together a comprehensive eBook to guide you through all the traps of December. Not only are you provided with detailed information over 6 different topics and each one will have 10 detailed tips. These are golden for this Christmas season but for all to come and if nothing else that is worth its’ weight in gold. Let us not kid ourselves we are all going to have a drink and that does not make you a bad person if you do what makes the difference though is what you learn from the time you do slip up. Again, it is not the end of the world as there are many strategies you can use to ensure that you control your party animal side!


If you are that person who doesn’t do things in halves and you have decided that the first party will be when you let your hair down just a little!. Annnd before you know it, not only have you had too much alcohol, you have also eaten all that is bad for your body and not what you normally eat plus it’s way past your bed time. This might not sound so bad apart from you waking up late, missing your morning workout and you are extremely dehydrated from the result of last nights alcohol consumption and all the wrong foods. Because you have woken up late you feel like you have been hit by a truck, you have no motivation or desire to have breakfast so you skip it. Only to grab a muffin or croissant at work to go with your second or third coffee.

Please coffee kick in soon! your head continues to pound through the morning, making it ever more difficult to concentrate and get anything done. Is the coffee helping your headache or further making you more dehydrated? As you drag your body through to lunch you are now starving and need another sugar hit to go with the muffin or croissant that you had mid morning. You reach for a sandwich or roll, the body is on its third go of storing body fat on your love handles and stomach areas. Third time you say not possible. However, if you look back at the alcohol and bad food from the night before, the muffin or croissant this morning and now more carbs at lunch with the sandwich, it is not unreasonable to see your body put some fat on and even worse look bloated and terrible.


Get to know the strategies that can break the habit or help you get back on track so you don’t end up regretting yet another December Festive Season. You have made great choices all year on a daily basis, let’s continue them through the Festive Season.

The festive season might be in full swing as it is much easier to throw your hard work away join in the festivities and be merry. How bad can a few weeks of drinking, bad food and very little sleep be? Well for some it can be BAD but if you want to keep your body fat where it was when December started then you need to ensure that you continue to look after your body during the festive season.

Firstly, you need to remember all the hard work and discipline that you had for the first 11 months of the year. Stay true to yourself.

Secondly, do you really want to feel like this constantly all month. When you have so many deadlines and things to accomplish before the end of the year, why put all this extra pressure on yourself.

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In todays busy hectic world we need to be able to function at our highest.  One of the easiest ways to ensure this is to have the correct nutrition.  Now everyone knows what to do but very few people actually eat well.  Apart from exercising, which is usually the first thing people will skip, food and eating well is right up there too.  There are so many excuses that people have, time being the first one, not having access to good food and just right out being lazy.  Don't worry we all have these times in our lives, so you are not on your own.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.37.08 am.png

Nutrition isn't as hard as everyone makes out.  It often comes down to planning and discipline.  You need to understand that what you put in your mouth fuels your body.  If you fuel your body correctly you will think better, have more energy and will ALWAYS want to eat better for the other meals of the day.  As you feel the results in your personal and professional lives, it becomes easier and easier to eat the right way for your body.

Breakfast is the meal that many people will skip.  Skipping breakfast is not ideal for a number of reasons: 

  • you have already fasted all night, so your blood sugar is low and your brain needs sugar to function optimally.
  • keeping a steady blood sugar level is the key to maitaining weight or losing body fat.
  • if you don't eat you are more likely to eat something bad, as you need that instant blood sugar hit.

Therefore, eating breakfast is vital to how your day will go, as it helps you set up your food choices for the rest of day.  One strategy that works really well but many people hesitate at when I mention is the meat and nut breakfast.  The meat and nut breakfast, has worked with great success for our clients all over the world.  Now before I hear you all say you couldn't possibly eat meat for breakfast, I would like to ask you to think what you eat when you stay in a hotel, while you are holidaying or working?

The majority of you will go for a high protein breakfast, like an omelette, cold meats and hot meats.  

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.59.05 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.59.29 pm.png

Why do you do this?  It is because of your subconscious knowing you probably won't be eating for a while and a high protein breakfast will keep your satiety for a longer duration, then cereal or pancakes! 

So remember to eat right for your body, your food fuels your body and breakfast sets up the way you will eat for the rest of the day.

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