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When it comes to excellence, what areas in our life do we seek it out?

Career?  Family?  Sport?

What defines excellence?

Education?  Results?  Drive?

So why when it comes to ourselves, so many of us don't strive for excellence?  Why do we neglect the lifestyle habits that can make us function at a much higher level?  Nutrition, exercise and sleep all make a huge difference on our daily life.  Yet, time and time again, I hear people say I know what to do, but if only I was given a dollar for every time, I had someone tell me that.  

Trainers often only train for themselves, people choose trainers because they look the part or because of their personality.  The reality is that most personal training courses are short courses, which therefore limited with how much information they can teach.  The other major reality is that the average life span of a trainer is 18 months.  On my observations over the past 25 years is that the standard of trainers has greatly decreased.  With Registered Training Organisations (RTO) more focused on getting people through the courses, rather then education, is why a lot of them have been deregistered in the past year of so. 

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People always want to hire the best person for the job, especially those who are directors or in senior management positions.  Therefore, what is your interview, vetting process for finding a personal trainer?  Is it education, results, how they look, their personality?  What do you look for when you engage a personal trainer to take care of your most vital asset, your body?

So many people want the best but when it comes to training and nutrition they are well below average.  This isn't because of you but often it's because there is so much fake information out their with the internet and social media now, it is hard to distinguish what is excellent vs mediocrity.

People who have prestige cars like a Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, use the best fuel in their cars. Have them serviced when they are due.  So why are people so bad with their own bodies.  Take a moment to think, if your body is being treated like a prestige car or an old rust bucket.

You don't sacrifice when it comes to your business career, so don't sacrifice your training, nutrition, wellbeing, which is what will make you better at work as well.  You body is vital to your life, work, sport and your general wellbeing, get this right and your life will improve drastically.