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Why Women Don't Achieve Their Goals?


Why Women Don't Achieve Their Goals?

We are going to explore today why women don’t achieve their goals when it come to fat loss. There are 3 major points that you can start with that will make a huge difference to you achieving your goals. Firstly, women need to change their way of thinking about weight loss to body fat loss. Secondly, you do not diet ever, this is something that has been a common theme long before the internet even came along, but will lead you down a path of disappointment and you won’t achieve the body you desire. So with all this information out there that you can find on Google, Instagram and Facebook, it is getting extremely hard to know what is right and what will work for you. So let’s get started.

  1. NEVER DIET - Diets Do Not Work

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You should never diet, period. Traditional diets are based on starving yourself. The cut of calories below the amount you need, may work initially but after 2-4 weeks you stop losing weight and undoubtedly get frustrated and go back to normal eating. What most women go through over the years and decades is the yo yo dieting. Without an understanding of basic human physiology, what you are doing is confusing your body’s metabolism. If your body’s food intake is cut, it freaks out and thinks you are starving it, which is what you are doing. As your body is a survival system, with any diet, it loses the ability to know when the next meal is coming, so it actually shuts down your metabolism.

Let’s get into the difference now between weight loss and body fat loss. Losing weight may sound great and we all have a number in our head that we want to be. However, do you care what the number on the scales say or if you can fit into that dress that you love or your favourite jeans? This is where it’s about body fat loss instead of weight loss, as you can lose weight and still be fat and flabby, as you are more likely have lost muscle mass. So if you are going to embark on a new nutrition plan, ensure you have your body fat measured and don’t worry about the number on the scales.

What we find at Energie4 is that because of years of yo yo dieting, women become conscious to eat. As I mentioned above starving the body and switching it to survival mode can cause so many hormonal and metabolism issues but when you feed it the correct nutrition and consistently it balances your body and the result of body fat loss will be achieved. It is imperative that you find a nutrition plan that works for your body. You must eat more in order to lose body fat, we know this sounds the reverse of what you are thinking, but we do it on a daily basis and once you change your mindset, you will notice the results immediately.

2. Strength Training

Another stereotype in the fitness world, is that women were sent to the cardio area and kept away from the strength area. Women have always been told that slow long cardio training was the best and only way to lose body fat. So further from the truth because when women diet and add cardio training, they become what we call skinny fat. Skinny fat means they lose muscle mass, they may look like they are skinnier but in reality they still have the body fat that they so desperately want to get rid of.

Strength training will not make women put on excessive muscle. For a start women do not have enough testosterone to be able to have a mass amount of muscle But for the women who do have a bigger amount of muscle usually are training multiple times per day and may also have some extra assistance. One of the big reasons that women struggle to get their bodies, is the loss of muscle mass as you age. Muscle mass will give you the muscle tone, that all women come in and ask for.

So get into the gym, try exercises that you wouldn’t normally do and step back and watch the magic happen.

3. Commitment

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You have to commit to a specific time frame, when it comes to a new lifestyle of nutrition and training. It isn’t a 4, 8 or 12 week challenge, your lifestyle shouldn’t have an end date ever. It is a lifestyle, where you promise yourself that you will train a certain number of days and ensuring your nutrition is on point every day. Once you commit and keep the promise you made to yourself, you will see the changes and with this your motivation will increase for you to keep on going.

At Energie4 we always start with a small commitment to your training, starting with two sessions a week is always advisable. When you start to feel comfortable with that then and only then will we allow you increase your sessions. Saying that if you add a session one week it becomes a bonus rather then if you have 5 sessions a week and you miss one, you then consider yourself as failing that week. With this negative association often women will then also give up on their nutrition, falling back to emotional eating, with the mindset of starting again the following week.

As adding training and nutrition is a lifestyle, you have to ensure that you have the mindset and also the time to complete what is required in order for you to reach your desired body. We like to set up women to succeed and not fail and not to put them down if they can’t make a session. Remember this is a lifestyle change and we are in the business of helping people change their lives for the positive. We all get busy and doing less to start with will be the key in being committed long term.

Are you going to be the same you in 2019?

Therefore, in order for you to achieve your body composition goals you need to understand your lifestyle and how it is all going to fit in. Changing your nutrition and mindset around eating for your body and not for starvation is something that may seem counterproductive but it’s the most effective long term changes. Lifting weights will not make you put on muscle and look bulky like a man, it just doesn’t happen that way. Once you commit to training that you know you can easily achieve, you will see the benefits and remember any extra sessions is a bonus. Who doesn’t love a bonus, especially if it makes you get closer to your desired body.