When it comes to being organised and dedicated, there is no one that compares to a Mother. Kids, husband, house, everything is in order and works like clock work. After many years working with Mothers I have seen a common thread amongst theme, that is they put themselves at the end of the queue or not at all.

It is always the same comment, I cook for the kids and husband’s meals but rarely for myself. The kids get to all their sporting events, after school activities and social gatherings and when I asked them about their their training time and all I get is a balk or flinch of “pff I have no time to time to train.

It is not that a Mother doesn’t believe in their own personal wellness, but it is that Motherly instinct that kicks in and everyone comes before them. What would we do without Mothers looking after us, when we grew up, they are always there for us and do an amazing job.

The easiest way for a Mother to start to look after their own health and wellness, is with proper nutrition. It isn’t like it is a huge change as they are already in the kitchen preparing food for the kids. However, they tend to snack on the food they are preparing but don’t eat a proper meal themselves. Instead they are often so stressed that the easiest option, is to fill a glass full of wine and have that instead of eating.

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Mothers usually have a schedule for everything. There are set times for kids school drop off and pick up and also their after school activities. You book in appointments for doctors, coffees, lunches etc. So if you do the same for exercise then you are taking a positive step in the right direction.

Even though Mothers have the best intentions when it comes to putting everyone else first. What they often don’t have a chance to think about is if they ate better, exercised regularly and got adequate sleep, the daily tasks would be so much less effort. For a start you would feel much better about yourself, not to mention look like you did before kids and with the same amount of energy. It is a win/win situation.

Three tips to ensure you are healthy and a positive role model for your kids.

  1. Prepare food for your children that works for you, saving you time in having to cook two meals. As if it is healthy for you, it certainly will be a great choice for your kids as well.

  2. Prioritise exercise, many of your kids have sport that they have to be dropped off at. Why not go for a walk or run instead of sitting in the car.

  3. Sleep is when your body gets to recover and because you are going at full steam all the time, trying to juggle all that comes from kids and family life, sleep is vital. You don’t let your kids stay up all night, so you shouldn’t either.

Remember even though you are a Mother first and your body is extremely resilent you still need to ensure that you take care of yourself. You can keep going for a long time, but your kids and husband if you were to ask would want to see you healthy and happy. So take the time to prepare your food and find the time to exercise.

PS. Magdalena, Energie4 Director, Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist, who has 3 adult children, is a walking example that you can still have the body you desire. It all comes down to food preparation, training regularly and ensuring that you have enough sleep.

Magdalena - Energie4 Director

Magdalena - Energie4 Director