It has been occurring for decades, a coach is coached by another coach and they follow the same systems without using their mind and putting their own thoughts into it. This is the same when athletes become coaches, they coach as they were coached. Now there are some positives with this, but often a coach can get stale in the way they coach and you can often tell this by athletes who haven’t bought into the system and poor results of the team.

Never be scared to learn something new or challenge what you currently think works. Saying this ensure that you know where the information is coming from and you understand the principles behind the system.

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Evolve - Think Outside The Box

Any coach or athlete who thinks they don’t need to evolve, will not progress.  I once asked an elite coach who he looks to as leaders in his particular sport that he coaches.  He extremely arrogantly said “it’s all up here” pointing to his head.  He hadn’t produced an elite athlete in years or to this date.

Always evolve.  We have just had the amazing Dr Kathy Dooley teach Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 2 at Energie4, which Energie4 coach Magdalena has just completed. This was my first introduction to NKT and I was so intrigued I had to have an assessment and treatment from the best myself. I can personally I say I was blown away.  It is amazing how the body adapts and how a surgery that I had when I was 7 years old, had so much influence on many of the injuries and the pain I have experienced in the past 30 plus years.

As athletes, we always tend to be able to perform at a high level and get around certain biomechanical issues.  However, these can cause so many more if not corrected properly, as I personally have experienced.  There are so many wonderful different modalities that can shed light on what could possibly be the cause, so never settle always look for the answer.

It is the same for coaches and athletes, what worked last year won’t work this year. Coaches and athletes must evolve and work harder each season, as your rival and opposition coaches/athletes who do evolve and work harder will leave you behind. So if you are doing the same as last season, this season won’t be great for you. Sorry!

Conditioning - It isn’t all about Aerobic Fitness

We must be aerobically fit, let’s run, cycle, swim all pre season!!!!

Again, coaches and athletes, please evolve as per what was previously discussed. Now I am not saying that there is no place for aerobic fitness but it shouldn’t be the main focus. During any season, athletes always get injured, they don’t get unfit, unless they get injured. So what can we conclude from this? Perhaps ensuring they have the correct training to avoid injuries, especially soft tissue injuries.

If you correctly analyse most team sports, they are more anaerobic in nature then straight aerobic. In addition seasons last for months, so why would you want your athletes at peak fitness at round 1? Is their fitness not going to improve over the season? What happens to teams that have their athletes at peak fitness at the start of the season is they usually peak too early and don’t last the full season. If you are a student of sport and analyse any league no matter the level, the team that usually wins is the one that has their best players available at the most important game of the year. Something for you to think about.


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As a coach you will not always get your training program or coaching systems perfect!

It is always about the athlete! It is never about the coach!

If you make it about the athlete, the coach will always have a team of players keen to play for them, believe in them and they will perform better as a result. Even if you don’t always have the most talented team or your systems perfect.

If you didn’t have a coach that inspired you, did you play the best that season?  I personally love in the English Premier League that coaches are called Managers because at the end of the day, that is what they are doing, managing elite, professional talent, to get the best out of the athlete and make sure it is a team effort.

If you can’t inspire your athletes you shouldn’t be coaching. Period.