Watch Cam Bolton’s First World Cup Win in Feldberg, Germany!


There is no more deserving athlete of success then Energie4’s Cam Bolton, the work and commitment to the sport of BoarderX is second to none. He has had more than his share of extremely severe injuries, which a few of them that could have been career ending. In saying that he has never said a negative word or has been depressed about any of the injuries. His only ever thought was to get back into the gym and back onto his snowboard.

Anyone who says someone is an overnight success, really doesn’t know what it takes to get to the top of whatever it is they do. No one ever falls into success, it comes from years and years of hard work, dedication and the undulating challenges that confront them. This is not just exclusive to the athlete but the people around them that support them day in and day out.

Cam Bolton is an exceptional athlete and anyone who wants to succeed in their particular sport should take note of Cam’s story. Before the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, we wrote about Cam’s journey to his second Olympics, which you can read in the link below.

What really impresses us about Cam’s story is 3 years ago on the same course that Cam fractured a vertebra in his spine. He was testing the course for the organisers to ensure its safety unfortunately it wasn’t built properly, which caused Cam to overshoot a landing, which resulted in his broken back. This is the true character of Cam. I was up at 4am to leave for New York to do some lecturing for the famous Dogpound gym and work with Hugh Jackman in New York and Los Angeles, when I woke up to a text from Cam. Cam did not text me to tell me he had broken his back but apologised to me because I was going to Aspen to watch him at X Games. After his sincere apology he said it was because he had broke his back and was stuck on his back in hospital. My concern was for my athlete and couldn’t care less about him not being at X Games but that he was ok and his injury wasn’t so bad that it would end his career and possibly his ability to even walk.

Number 1 and I guarantee it won’t be the last one, now that Cam has that winning feeling!

Number 1 and I guarantee it won’t be the last one, now that Cam has that winning feeling!

The reason we work with athletes is for them to achieve their dreams. We have no interest in self publicising and trying to profit from our athletes, it’s just not why we do it. There are so many coaches who care about their own success and totally forget about the athlete’s dream.

This is all we need and is more important then any fame, which is the respect and acknowledgement from out athletes. This is the text that I got from Cam.

“Big dog, just won the World Cup in Germany at the place I broke my back 3 years ago! A lot of my physical and mental knowledge comes from you and the work you put in, thank you big fella.”

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