Extreme Heat and Training.

Now doing a training session in extreme heat can be dangerous and many will think stupid. However it can be a test of mental strength and preparation for the odd time you might need to compete or do something outdoors in such conditions. Anyone can train in ideal conditions but can you be mentally tough enough to train at extremes of heat and cold? What happens if you have to train or compete injured, how do you get yourself through if you are use to only ideal conditions?

Our bodies can often be pushed far further then our minds let us. Sometimes there are limits that need to be explored and boundaries that need to be pushed. This is true in so many aspects of our life, whether it is the gym, sport or work situations. We have all seen the people who cruise, when you know their potential is so much more then they display. Can you push through the pain or barriers in front of you?

What motivates you to get moving? To not stop and keep. Going when all you want to do is turn around or stop? Who is that person or thing that drives you? With the start of 2019 so many people have new year resolutions or new goals to achieve. However, what are you willing to do to achieve them?

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One of the best things of training in the middle of the day, when it is the hottest, you have the whole park to yourself. It is a great feeling to know you are the only one who is fully committed. It really isn't about the heat but pushing myself to the extreme. If you want a challenge get out there and give it a go, test yourself, prove to yourself what you can actually achieve.

NOTE: If you do exercise in the extreme heat, please ensure that you are properly hydrated and understand the signs of heat stress.