Execution - the carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action.

Michael Phelps with all 23 of his Olympic Gold Medals - A true champion who knew exactly what he had to do to execute when it came time to race.

Michael Phelps with all 23 of his Olympic Gold Medals - A true champion who knew exactly what he had to do to execute when it came time to race.

When it comes to performing any task, it is the execution that is vital. You can be full prepared but if you don’t execute to your full ability then there is something you have failed to plan for. This can be in all aspects of your life, whether it is for a sport, your health and fitness or your work. Firstly, you will know when you have an event, a fitness goal or a work deadline. So how do you ensure that your preparation is adequate for you to execute your task to what you expect the end result to be?

Let’s look at what it takes to prepare first. Have you given yourself enough time? In order to be prepared you have to put in the time it takes to get ready. This can’t be done overnight or in a week, it takes time to be properly prepared. Now you might only need a couple of weeks to be ready for a work deadline. If you are already lean and going on holidays in 4 weeks, this may be all the time that you require in order to look the way that makes you happy. On the other hand if you aren’t in shape and you are getting married, you may need at least 3 months so that you are happy with the way you look on your big day. If you have never run a half marathon before and just started running you are going to need a good 6 months of training.

Have you done the work? It is all good to have the time to prepare, but have you done all that you set out in this time frame. Did you miss sessions of training, preferring to procrastinate or you were just lazy? If you did the sessions, where they done to your full capacity or were they at sub optimal levels? With any task it is the quality that will inevitably allow you to execute at your full potential.

Have you been consistent in doing the tasks? Consistency is paramount, have you done something that works towards your goal or task on a consistent basis, it may or may not be daily thing but it has to be done regularly. Remember at the end of the day, it may just be you that is disappointed if you don’t reach your target, but it could be others that have also invested time to assist you in reaching your end goal.

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When it comes to execution there are a few factors that we need to understand. The best way I have found is to work backwards from the task you need to execute. You know the day, so what is it that is required to get done in that timeframe?

When it comes down to a sporting event or a presentation, there are optimal amount of nerves, too little as you can see you will not have you ready to perform, too much and you will totally underperform also. Often people get worried and in their own head when they have butterflies, this is normal and if you don’t I would be worried. It is harnessing the nerves and using them to your advantage. As if you have prepared properly there is nothing to be concerned with it. You should have a plan on what you want to achieve and execute accordingly. Only have a few key areas you want to get across if it is a presentation, if it is a sporting event you will have certain times or performance numbers or if it is a body composition goal, for a wedding or a holiday, you will know what size you have to be to fit into your wedding dress or a body fat percentage you want to be before you leave for holiday. Leaving everyone around the pool in awe of your physique and hard work.

If there are too many nerves, people will often doubt themselves or get intimidated by others. This is where a clear focus of the task at hand is so important. When you are prepared, there is no need to have those nerves or doubt. When it comes to intimidation, what is there to be intimidated by if you have done the preparation and know what you need to do to execute.

When you execute and achieve what you have set out to, there is no better feeling. To know all the hard work and preparation was worth it, to know you have set yourself a task or met your deadline and there was success at the end of it. Remember to prepare but when it comes time to perform, ensure that you execute so that you are proud of the end result. Do it for yourself and the reward will be there.