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Energie4 is giving YOU the chance to lose the body fat you don’t want. We have partnered with 5.4 to have all your meals prepared and delivered taking the hassle out of your hands and really you have no excuses now.

We hear it all the time, a client says “but I eat healthy and I know what to eat”. If only we had a dollar for every time we heard that. At the same time if you know what you are doing, why are you sitting in front of me asking my advice? Where is your 6 pack abs?

The fitness world is a strange place, as everyone seems to know it all when it comes to training and nutrition. There is so much information out there these days with the internet and social media, that everyone is an expert. We do have to consider who is an expert? Does a 100,000 instagram followers make you an expert? Does the fact that you are on the morning show make you an expert or on a fitness TV show? Or is it the fact that you have studied for many years, and provided results over a broad range of clientele? To be honest who really knows, the world is a very different place these days and there are a lot of blurred lines.

What we do know though is that if you don’t produce results, how good are you really? We don’t care how good your trainer looks without a shirt or in a bikini, if they can’t transform YOU! Gym selfies or standing on stage with next to nothing on with a horrendous fake tan doesn’t mean they though how to help YOU. Means they know how to help themselves, and those same strategies, 9 out of 10 times will do absolutely nothing to help YOU!

Nutrition plays a big part in your transformation. This is why we have partnered with 5.4, their meals are tasty as well as right for YOU. YOU will not have to prepare or shop for your food. In conjunction with Energie4’s nutrition reset and YOU will be losing body fat. Remember losing body fat is always the aim, not just weight off the scales. No one wants to be skinny fat, hence you need to fuel your body right, as well as train the correct way.

Click to join Energie4’s 28 Day Body Fat Challenge with meals provided for you by 5.4.

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