"Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts!"  Winston Churchill

As the end of January comes close, many people's fitness new year resolutions have been put off to 2019 already.  Setting a resolution has to be realistic, no different to setting a goal.  The main issue that you find with people who want to jump start their fitness and more then likely lose body fat.  Is that they want to do all too much, all too soon.

Now it is only the first month of the year, so it's not too late to reach your 2018 New Year resolution.  Here are a couple of things to be aware of in order to restart your resolution and not only reach your goal but ensure you maintain your new self.

1. Lifestyle

Exercise and nutrition is a lifestyle, it isn't something you do for an 8 week period.  All the get fit 8 week challenges, don't teach you how to incorporate healthy eating and training into your lifestyle.  Often the diet side is calorie restriction and the training level is too high, so neither can be sustained for long periods, hence they are usually only 8 week programs.

However, if you can learn to increase your exercise gradually, rewarding yourself with an extra session, rather then trying to train every day.  Remember, life can get in the way and when this happens the first thing that always goes is your training.  

The best thing is to gradually integrate your training, in addition to your nutrition.  This will give you the best results and they will be long term, hence becoming part of your lifestyle.

2.  Program Design

With the influx of group classes these days and new studios popping up everywhere.  It is easy to jump in on a class but if you haven't trained for a while, the class maybe more advanced then you can do.  This can be very demotivating.  

On the other side if you have any injuries, a class or program that is not personalised to you, could further aggravate a current or past injury.

This is a something we pride ourselves on and also puts Meister Athlete apart.  Having a program is not only great because it is personalised for you, but helps you track your progress.  This shows you your improvement and also motivates you to come into the gym and work harder each session.

3.  Meister Training

Meister Training, has all the benefits of individual personal training session, however it is without the cost.  You get your own personalised program, after your initial assessment with a highly qualified Meister Trainer.  From here you can choose from 6 different time slots a day, morning or evening, 6 days a week.  Once you arrive for your training session, your trainer will ensure that you improve each session and most importantly have the correct technique.

You can book your trial week on the Meister Athlete Mindbody app or follow the below link.