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Dieter Roylance - Trainer

Dieter Roylance is a trainer, university lecturer and an internationally accredited strength, nutrition and rehabilitation expert. For over 20 years he has assisted people to overcome chronic pain, decrease body fat, change body shape and get athletes to compete and medal at the highest level at both Summer and Winter Olympics and World Championships.  Dieter is the founder of Energie4. He has owned his own facilities for elite use for over 18 years.  Among several university qualifications, he holds a Masters of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology.

Dieter has also worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Robbie Williams and Australia's own Hugh Jackman.  Dieter has been working with Hugh for years and recently conditioning him for his Australian Arena Show, Broadway to OZ.  More recently he worked on X-Men Apocalypse and the World's number 1 movie, Logan, Hugh's last appearance as Wolverine.

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Magdalena Lyle - Fascial Stretch Therapist & Trainer

Magdalena is a level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapist, the highest level in the world.  Having completed her courses in Phoenix, Arizona at the Stretch To Win Institute.  Magdalena is also a trainer, who focuses on technique, nutrition, gut health and she gets very fast results for her clients.


Fascial Stretch Therapist

Bowen Therapist

Neuro Kinetic Therapy

PICP Strength Coach Level 4

Magdalena has coached the UAE Women’s National Team, 2009, who won the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) Championship – First tournament ever to be won by a UAE National Team Men or Womens.

Magdalena has also completed internships in the US, Canada and Europe with world renowned coaches from NCAA Division 1 Basketball coach at Florida Gators and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.